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A chihuahua is an adorable companion and the most pampered dog. Although it is the smallest dog in the world, it has all the greatest personality. Gentle coat, nice look, loyalty, unpretentiousness, curiosity and fearlessness. It are the attributes by which the chihuahua gained the attention not only of people around the world, but also of ancient tribes Aztecs, Mayans and Toltecs. These dogs captivated them so much that they kept the chiefs company, they built give them statues and no wonder they are named after the smallest of the Mexican states – Chihuahua. It’s a Chihuahua the smallest dog breed and it is not for nothing that it is said, “What is small is beautiful.” This is true for chihuahuas. twice.

Pet of the famous

Not only in the past were chihuahuas a popular companion of the powerful and famous, but today there are many chihuahuas an adornment of celebrities who would not allow their pet. For example, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Madonna, Reese Witherspoon and many other celebrities are constantly seen in siege of their magical chihuahuas. This pet is especially the perfect decoration for every woman level, such a dog in your purse if you want. There is a beautiful view of chihuahuas, just watch them for a while and suddenly you are in a better mood, they can always entertain and make you laugh. If you are among the lovers of this breed, you can watch a famous chihuahua named Poncho.
Follow a chihuahua named Poncho
Who is Poncho? The full name of Poncho Elfo Paul is a noble chihuahua young man who loves luxury, he is curious and likes to come into contact with interesting people. At 1.5 kilograms, he is a pet just in the palm of your hand and cuddling really likes it. He is happy when he can show off in front of others, he lives namely in the Hotel Aqua Wellness Patince, where many people come. We bet with you on that Poncho can entertain you, here you will find links to his profile on Pinterest, profile on
Instagram and Youtube channel.
What should you know about the eyes?
Chihuahuas are very easy to breed, they only need about half a cup of feed a day. Chihuahuas are very sociable, they will be happy to spend their time with you and are happy when you give them your attention.
What chihuahuas can we actually come across? In terms of color, we come across light, dark, but also colorful chihuahuas, which also combine shades of gray, chocolate and silver. As for the coat, we come across short-haired and long-haired chihuahuas.
The short-haired chihuahua has a smooth and shiny coat. The hair on the head and ears is thinner, on the neck again coarser and denser. The long-haired chihuahua has a long and smooth coat. He has fur on his back, ears and neck longer. Especially cute is the mini chihuahua, which is really like a plush toy. Chihuahuas require it
Thorough care is great to learn and if you don’t guide them, they are also cheeky. An adult chihuahua has no more than 3 kilograms in weight and 23 cm in height. Chihuahuas often need to take care of their hair and brush it, especially long-haired, but if you buy a chihuahua yourself, you will surely fall in love with this activity, as well as cuddling with chihuahuas.

About me

My name is Poncho Elfo Paul and I am an extraordinary short-haired male chihuahua who likes popularity. After all, how many chihuahuas do you know who have their own profiles on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube? Probably not many, you can watch me there all the time. I’m not just any scumbag, it’s my home. Hotel Aqua Wellness Patince and I certainly do not have to tell you that I like luxury. It won’t do me any good more happy than when people watch me, I like when I get the attention of others and also when I get it new likes and followers are added. I was born on December 1, 2019 in Bratislava. I like to roll, but that does not mean that I would be lazy, I like to go for a walk and keep my figure, because I weigh only 1.5 kg. Do you want to look at me or learn more about me? Visit my profiles at social networks and have fun with me.


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